2020 Vision Project

A collection of new works for the stage, for and by students

Bearing Witness and Looking Forward

The 2020 Vision Project offers your students an opportunity to express their view of these remarkable times. This project will compile a collection of scripts of original dramatic works (monologues or short plays), created by students across the country, and make it available for performance in any manner, virtual or in-person, at no cost. It will allow directors and actors to choose which plays best suit their resources and circumstances. Although the works will address specific events and experiences, we hope they will provide a window for young people in the future to view the world in 2020.


2020 has been a tumultuous and painful year for all of us in education and especially in the performing arts - abandoned productions, theatres closed, senior years lost, and difficult self-examinations of ourselves and our attitudes toward race. As theatre and creative arts educators, we believe we can provide our students with opportunities to give voice to their experiences during the historic times in which we are living.


The 2020 Vision Project will collect scripts of original, dramatic works from students, grades 6-12 across the country.

Works will not be juried or judged for inclusion; rather, teachers, classes, and groups should choose the best FIVE works they create. Participants may use any method or process to create their plays - check the Resource Guide for ideas and lesson plans. Most importantly, we want to encourage you and your students in the PROCESS of creating dramatic works.

Teachers/leaders will submit their five scripts in the format described in the Entry Guidelines at any time from now until the deadline May 1, 2021.


Four steps:

  1. Register your intention to contribute to this project below.

  2. Follow Entry Guidelines.

  3. Sign and return the Participant Agreement form with your submission(s).

  4. Submit works in the directed format by May 1, 2021.

Who can participate?

Students from across the United States, grades 6-12, working through a registered teacher or leader may submit their work for inclusion in the copyrighted collection. Check Entry Guidelines form for more information.

Who can perform?

Any organization that works with young people through theatre may perform the plays, by request, beginning in January of 2021, free of charge.